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United is a very versatile skincare and cosmetic platform. It utilizes the most cutting-edge technology in radiofrequency ultrasound field, which is combined with different operating modules. All diversified functions and personalized treatment can be easily fulfilled to achieve optimum effect.

Indications: skin rejurnvernation, tightening, hyperhidrosis treatment, nerve block, wrinkles removal


MicroRF--MicroRF is a new hyperhidrosis treatment device utilizing patented insulated microneedles,the fore end of which penetrates skin and directly emits RF energy to target the sweat gland tissue, with temperature controlled technique to ensure apocrine sweat gland tissue degeneration and necrosis, to achieve permanent effect without burning of the epidermis.


Product Features:

1.    Temperature controlled microneedle fractional RF

2.    Insulated microneedle

3.    Vaccum technology for eyelid and striae gravidarum treatment

4.    Cooling technology for skin protection



ScanRF utilizes professional bipolar scanning fractional technology to evenly transfer energy to the dermis,ensure minimum energy loss and optimum treatment effect.

Treatment Advantages:

  • Special needle tip technology for optimum treatment effect.
  • Treatment depth:0.5mm
  • Special design for removing pitting scar
  • Scattered scanning output avoids heat accumulation and reduces side-effects.




  • Subcutaneously focused RF
  • Multiple-group independent output electrode 
  • Temperature controlled radiofrequency
  • Optional tips with different size

Focused RF technology 

Multiple-group independent output electrode utilizes magnetic field formed by electric field to influence the distribution of current level to achieve deeper penetration.




Liti(lift&tight) ,RF Aassisted Liposuction technology, utilizes the tip with invasive needles releasing energy to heat the fat layer, to destroy the fat cells and dissolve the fat, eventually cause fat reduction.


Clinical Application:

  • Face lifting
  • Face V shape
  • Double chin
  • Under-eye bag
  • Nerve block

Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency

Insulated needle with bipolar Radiofrequency

Clinical photos:




Technicial speciations:

Model: United

Power source: RF, HIFU

Output frequency: RF:1MHz


Display: 8 inch

Dimension: 46x42x166cm

Net weight: 20kg

Power supply: 100-245VAC, 50-60Hz