Multiple Function Phototherapy System+ UVA1 Treatment Module

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Multiple Function Phototherapy System+ UVA1 Treatment Module


Spectrum of traditional UVA-1 ranges from 340 to 400nm, and Derma-UVA1 Treatment Module is with single wavelength 380nm, and 99.99% high purity.

Comparing with traditional PUVA and UVB:

Super-high light intensity, 80mw/cm2 enables abundant effectively treatments in a short period.

Instant effect remarkably shortens treatment course.


Breakthrough in UVA-1 Treatment Technology Field


1.    Launching of High energy UVA-1 has solved the skin problem

2.    efficiency which was troubling clinical treatment.

3.    Treatment with 60J energy takes only 11 mins.

4.    Treatment with 90J energy takes only 17 mins which means UVA-1 is really going to clinical use.



     30 kinds of chronic diseases like T cell-mediated Inflammatory Skin Disease,  including scleroderma, atopic dermatitis, refractory eczema, pretibial myxedema and MF etc.


Technical Specifications:

Light Source:        Ultraviolet A1 (UVA1)
Wavelength:   370 nm±5 nm
LEDs used: Integrated
Output Intensity: 5 J/cm2~150 J/cm2
Recommended Treatment Time: 10 minutes