Multiple Function Phototherapy System+Red and Blue Light

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Multiple Function Phototherapy System+ Red and Blue Acne Treatment Module



Multiple Function Phototherapy System with Red and Bule Acne Treatment Module uses a cold laser originated from narrow band light source without heating and burning skin but conversion of luminous energy into intracellular energy, is one of the most safe and effective acne treatment and skin rejuvenation device.


Advantages of Red and Blue Light Treatment:

1.  Substitute oral antibiotic to treat acne.

2.  Painless treatment, no anesthesia and down time.

3.  4-8 times per treatment course, with quick and obvious effect.

4.  Safe, without obvious side effects.

5. Red light is effective on skin rejuvenation and other kinds of skin diseases.

6. Exclusive Integrated Packaging Technology (IPT) ensures efficient lighting and precise dose of light source.




1. Alternate treatment by red and blue light on mild, medium and severe acne, anti-inflammation and sterilization, anti acne inflammation, as well as whitening and skin rejuvenation.                       

2. Skin moistening and nutrition  Ingredients lead-in treatment by red light On VC and essence etc.

3.Cystic acne, decreasing formation of acne and scars.

4.Hormone dependence dermatitis

5.PDT can treat Bowen, superficial basal cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, keratosis and mycosis fungicides ect.


Technical Specifications:

Light Source:   LED (Blue and Red Light)

450 nm±10 nm(Blue Light);

633 nm±5 nm(Red Light)      
LEDs used:

450 nm±10 nm: 240

 633 nm±5 nm: 400

Output Intensity:

450 nm±10 nm: 60 mW/cm2~90 mW/cm2; adjustable 

633 nm±5 nm: 50 mW/cm2~80 mW/cm2; adjustable

Frequency:  2 Hz±1 Hz
Pulse Duriation: 250 ms±10 ms
Recommended Treatment Time: 20 minutes