Multiple Function Phototherapy System+High Energy Red Light

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Multiple Function Phototherapy System + 633nm Wound Healing Treatment Module


Treatment Principle

The treatment principle of the red light therapeutic instrument is to produce photochemical effect on organism, so as to make organism have important biological effect and treatment effect.

Red light of the Multiple Function Phototherapy System can absorbed mainly by mitochondria. Exposed to red light irradiation, catalase activity of the mitochondria increases, which can increase metabolism of cells, glycogen content, protein synthesis, adenosine triphosphate decomposition, thereby, strengthen cell regeneration and improve the healing of wound and ulcer.

At the same time, it improves the phagocytosis of leukocytes and immune function. Therefore, it can cure various diseases. Patients simply need to show up to their clinics as they would for a manicure appointment. There is absolutely no room for user error, as the session is carried out by professionals.



Herpes zoster, alopecia areata, ulcer, bedsore, phlebitis, erysipelas, furuncle,dermatitis, folliculitis, acne, wound healing after trauma treatment; Wrinkles, cellulite, acne scars, cutis laxa, stretch marks, freckles, etc., improve blood circulation and promote inflammation dissipated.


A simple method for applications of LLLT, theMultiple Function Phototherapy System  in-office device provided patients a convenient & affordable method of treating theskin. It covers the entire region simultaneously and leaves no room for user error.

1.    Promote ulcer and lesions healing

2.    Anti-inflammation, abirritation, relieving itching

3.    Improve blood circulation




Light source type: semiconductor laser
Laser wavelength: 630 nm±5nm
Power density: 260mW/cm²
Laser spot area 100 mm×80 mm
Exposure type: continuous