Multiple Function Phototherapy System + Hair Growth Module

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Low Level Laser Therapy Equipment- Hair Loss, Hair Regrowth


Multiple Function Phototherapy System device  is an in-office laser device for treatment of hair loss and thinning. It features more lasers than other in-office laser units, providing more coverage to the affected areas.


The Multiple Function Phototherapy System is an in-office laser device that applies low-level laser light to the patient's scalp during regular treatment sessions. It is a painless procedure where the patient sits comfortably under the hood dryer. Patients are generally treated in a few weekly session at their physician's office, for about half an hour each session, or as otherwise performed by the physician.


The Multiple Function Phototherapy System device  is a simple method for application of LLLT that provides patients the treatment in-office and is medically supervised. The treatment can be used alongside the Capillus272 portable home-use device and other therapies. Patients simply need to show up to their clinics as they would for a manicure appointment. There is absolutely no room for user error, as the session is carried out by professionals.



Hair loss、Hair regrowth、 Alopecia、Baldness、Calvities.



A simple method for applications of LLLT, the Multiple Function Phototherapy System device  in-office device provided patients a convenient&affordable method of treating thinning hair. It covers the entire region simultaneously and leaves no room for user error.



  1. Multi-Functional Treatment Platform device is performed by professionals in hair restoration to ensure the best treatment protocol for you
  2. It is a Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment
  3. It can be used in combination with other therapies, such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, and hair transplants
  4. It requires no work on the part of the user&comfortable to undergo
  5. Does not require any large initial investment
  6. Quick and easy sessions a few times per week
  7. Clean, non-messy method for treating hair
  8. More laser coverage and total power output than any other device
  9. All laser technology with deeper penetration than that of LED light



Technical Specifications:

Number of Lasers  362
Laser Wavelength 650nm
Diode Output 5mW
Total Power 1.810W