308nm Excimer System

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308nm Excimer System


308nm Excimer System can be efficient, convenient and cheap for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin diseases at home.



 1 .Proven global gold standard for vitiligo therapy

2 .Light source: XeCL, 308nm single wavelength

3. Same therapy effect as large 308nm laser device

4. High cost performance, high dose, fast visible effect

5. Targeted therapy, maximum protection of healthy skin

6. Small size, suitable for clinic and small medical organization



This product belongs to phototherapy, used to treat vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin diseases.





Optical Power Density


Spot Size

Max. 16cm2

Lamp Type

Xecl Lamp

Light Wavelength


Complete Machine Input Power


Display Screen

5 inch color TFT LCD, resolution 320*240

Touch Screen 

Capacitance screen

Device Type

I type

Electric Shock Protection Grade

BF type

Work Mode


Treatment Time


Erythema Test Dose





High Safety 

§  Unlikely comment treatment combined photosensitizer, 308nm Excimer System can be used for children: 5 years of study (1990-1995) for this aged group, all treatment cases have got moderate to very good results.

§  Based on the principle of the light selective absorption by skin , 308nm Excimer System also is also applicable for face and other fragile areas, and side effects such as erythema and burns can be minimized.

§  Avoid non-lesion skin infringing by ultraviolet irradiation, sharply reduced patients accepted cumulative dose of ultraviolet light. Cancer risk also can be reduced.

Significant Effect 

§  The lesion skin can receive a higher dose in a  shorter unit time period to shorten the single treatment time and the whole cycle.

§  Stubborn psoriasis and vitiligo can be removed very quickly without assisting by or combining with other drugs.

Little Side Effect

§  Friendly treatment handpiece can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the lesion to only target the lesion area without damaging the surrounding health skin.