Derma Skin-care Appliance

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The device is a drug free, pain free, risk free, lightweight and portable, low level narrow band red and blue light device for the treatment of all types of acne and other skin problems for young and adults. It emits a low power light which does not emits heat and does not hurt or burn your tissues. The device is easily operated, it is reliable and performance is steady.

It is adopted by lots of beauty center and for professional use.

In China, we sell the device in supermarkets, TV shopping, Post magazine, Cosmetic shops, Hospital...

The cutting edge technology toward Skin Care and solves the skin problems efficiently. 

It's everyone's dream to have beautiful skin that attracts much attention. For years, we have been investing on cosmetics but the result is always the same. Now with device of beauty light, it helps skin absorb much faster and more efficient. It will definitely be the best investment for you among the cosmetic products.



1. Acne removal
2. Skin rejuvenation

3. Remove wrinkle

4. Pigment removal

5. Vascular removal

6. Scar removal



Skin's Photosynthesis

Phototherapy was found to activate and reduce inflammation of cells, also stimulate the growth of tissues. Certain wavelengths of blue and red light interact with human cells the best!

1. Continious and pulsed working mode 

2. Red Light- Better absorption of the effective constitutions and more energy and repair function to tissues

3. Blue Light-Less inflammation, less acnes,Eliminate the waste

4. Blue and Red Light- A perfect skin problem solver

5. Go deeper and make the skin absorb better. 



     Technical Data:     


Power Supply

AC100-240V AC,  50/60HZ
Output: 8V      DC500mA
Wavelength: Blue Light:  415nm
Red Light:   630nm
Diameter of output surface:       30mm-40mm
Net Weight: 0.3kg
Gross Weight 0.7kg
Packed dimensions 28.5(L)x22.8(W)x7.8(H) cm