Unicorn Femetite

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FemeTite utilizes the latest RF technology to selectively target on the skin tissue of vaginal opening and vaginal, the thermal effect to cause instant tightening and new collagen regeneration for a long time after treatment, it makes the tissue firming and healthy, is a safe and professional non-surgical treatment.



Vaginal Rejuvenation RF system


Postpartum vaginal relaxation, vaginal tissue aging, vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence




1.   Micro-invasive and non-invasive optional

2.    Fractional scanning results in uniform treatment effect

3.    RF energy promotes collagen remodeling and regenerating

4.    Result in skin texture improvement, tightening and firming.







Technical speciation:

Model: Unicorn II

Power source: RF

Output frequency: 1MHz

Display: 15 inch

Dimension: 40x29x39cm

Net weight: 10kg

Power requirements: 100-245VAC, 50-60Hz