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Pure utilizes the cutting-edge technology in the field of radio frequency (RF), is a multi-function working platform combined with different operating modules, can provide targeted therapies by pyrolyzing sebaceous glands, remodeling and regenerating collagen, solidifying blood vessel endothelium. 


Acne=Sebaceous Glands Inflammation



Pure(Micro-needle RF)

Pure is an intervention technology, which utilizes insulated micro-needles to transmit RF energy to target tissues (the sebaceous glands, blood vessels),so as to fundamentally eliminate the causes of diseases.

ScanRF (Scanning Fractional RF System )

ScanRF utilizes professional bipolar scanning fractional technology to evenly transfer energy to the dermis, ensure minimum energy loss and optimum treatment effect.


Professional Scanning Fractional Technology RF Dot Energy Uniformly Deliveryed


1. Acne and scar,surgical and pigmented scar, burn scar(alternative dermabrasion),etc.

2. Fine wrinkles, forehead lines, crow's feet,etc

3.Skin aging, skin laxity, etc.




Treatment advantages:

1. Special needle tip technology for optimum treatment effect

2. Treatment depth:0.5mm

3.Specially design for removing pitting scar

4. Scattered scanning output avoids heat accumulation and reduces side-effects





 Clinical Photos

Electricthermolysis Sebaceous Glands


Technicial speciations:

Model: Unicorn

Power source: RF

Output frequency: RF:1MHz


Display: 15inch

Dimension: 40x29x39cm

Net weight: 10kg

Power supply: 100-245VAC, 50-60Hz