Since its founding, always by the driving force of “meet customer’s demand”, Derma gradually established research and development platform based on customers’ demand and the program management core; close to the market; fully understanded the customers' requirements and responded quickly; with the advantage of incorporated innovative technology and R&D product cost, provided highly cost-effective products and serviced for international medical institutions, and created more value for customers.

Now, Derma has 5 R&D centers through Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Beijing, and Shanghai. In Derma, nearly 30% staffs work for R&D System, and they are engaged in product research related to clinical application.

Derma insists in investing 10% turnover to support the product innovation and R&D, and it creates a R&D management platform with synchronous international first class level. Derma has CE, FDA and ISO -compliant R&D management process, which is controlled and managed by committee of experts. During the development process, all products are designed according to related international standard, and Comprehensive and special experiment test are made, so that the product safety and reliability could be fully guaranteed.


Main Task in R&D Center:

  • Mastering core technologies, and promoting high-tech products.
  • Provide proven and matched technology for industrialized production