The development history of our company is also the exploratory and perfect process for our company. The stable success of Derma’s past every step and the confidence for further steady development could be felt.


1st Stage: Creation and Exploration (2004-2009)

From early stage to the gradual establishment of product line in two fields, our company is well known for professionalism, honesty, excellent service. We only make reasonable profit in current business to finish our business, maintain the growth of our company, and fulfill ‘The Fist Five-Year Plan’.


2nd Stage: Self-R&D, International leading (2009-2014)

We introduce international top technology, cooperate with advanced production technology, and improve the product reliability and safety; we focus on self-R&D projects and improve our core competence in industrial; we enhance the international market sales network based on domestic sales; and we try to become one of internationally famous medical medical-devices enterprises and one of industry leaders.